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* KVC = Komplexné vybavenie cestujúcich = Comprehensive ticket services for passengers

  • direct regional fast trains between Košice and Mukachevo (from 9th June 2019)

  • direct berth coaches from Košice

  • passenger trains from Čierna nad Tisou to Chop

Direct connection Košice - Mukachevo and back

From 9th June 2019 we provide a train connection between Košice and Mukachevo. Regional fast trains RR 960/RR 961 and RR 962/RR 963 are direct, so there is no need to change. They operate daily and on their route they serve Čierna nad Tisou and Chop stations only. At Košice station you have a connections in the directions to/from Prague and Bratislava. In Mukachevo you can use several domestic trains of Ukrainian railways. Only the 2nd class is available on the regional fast train.

Conditions of use of the trains:

  • domestic transport between Košice and Čierna nad Tisou is allowed,
  • in this section ZSSK standard prices and discounts (including zero fare transport) are valid - a seat reservation is optional,
  • domestic transport on Ukrainian territory between Mukachevo and Chop is not allowed,
  • a seat reservation is compulsory in international transport, seat reservation price is 2 €,
  • standard international fare tickets and discounted fare tickets (including a seat reservation, mentioned below) are valid on the trains,
  • bigger luggage can be transported for 3 €,
  • there is a space for prams and bicycle holders on the train,
  • for international bicycle transport you need a place reservation (the bike ticket + bike place reservation is 3 €).

Discounted tickets to Mukachevo:

  • they include a seat reservation for a passenger,
  • ticket is available at ZSSK ticket desks equipped with KVC system (KVC = Komplexné vybavenie cestujúcich = Comprehensive ticket services for passengers)
  • internet sales will follow later,
  • you can pay for the ticket using your ZSSK credit account (except a discount from your bonus credit),



children up to 16 years

Košice - Mukačevo

7,50 €

3,75 €

Košice - Čop

6,80 €

3,40 €

Čierna n. Tisou - Mukačevo

4,50 €

2,25 €

Čierna n. Tisou - Čop

3,80 €

1,90 €

Ticket cancellation:

  • the ticket associated with the reservation can be returned at the latest until the train leaves the boarding station with a cancellation of 10 %,
  • separate international seat reservation can be returned at the latest until the train leaves the boarding station with a cancellation of 100 %,
  • if the ticket was purchased using your credit account, the ticket price is credited back as a bonus credit without cancellation fee,
  • if cancellation is caused by a railway operator, the ticket can be cancelled up to 2 hours after regular departure time of the train and no cancellation fee is charged.

Other offers, if you travel individually

You can save thanks to the special discounted tariff East-West:

  • Bratislava – Kiev 46,60 €
  • Bratislava – Lviv 34,60 €
  • Košice – Kiev 28,30 €
  • Košice – Lviv 16,30 €
  • Čierna nad Tisou – Chop 2 €

If more passengers travel together

The prices can be even more convenient due to the special offer CityStar on the return ticket. If, for example, two adults travel together, one return journey from Bratislava to Kiev will cost 66,30 € per person. If five passengers travel together, then the same journey would cost only 53,04 € per person. The CityStar offer in Ukraine can be implemented only if minimum 2 passengers travel together (at least 1 of them is adult). 

Tips for your journey

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