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Connections of railjet category are covered by high standard trains. From 9th June 2019 they operate daily on the route Bratislava - Brno - Praha and back. Now you can make morning work meetings or enjoy the atmosphere of Prague longer. Thanks to them, the possibilities of traveling to/from flights at Prague Airport with morning departures or afternoon arrivals are expanding.

  • we are expanding the network of railjet connections, which are a quality brand in railway passenger transport
  • they provides a quick direct connection between Bratislava and Prague
  • runs daily, leaving Bratislava in the early hours and coming back late in the evening
  • seat reservation is not compulsory (except for Business compartment), but we recommend it
  • trains are composed of Viaggio Comfort carriages and offer to you more comfortable traveling in three different classes: 2nd Class, 1st Class and Business compartment
  • in selected carriages special spaces are available for disabled passengers in wheelchairs, families with children or for cyclists
  • in addition, number of other services are available on the train board


Photo: Milan Vojtek

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