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* KVC = Komplexné vybavenie cestujúcich = Comprehensive ticket services for passengers

  • the EuroCity train Bathory from Budapest via Bratislava to Warsaw

  • other long-distance trains with changing connection in the Czech Republic

  • direct berth/couchette coaches from Budapest via Bratislava to Warsaw or Krakow

  • regular passenger trains from Žilina via Čadca to Zwardoń with the possibility of transfer to train connection to Warsaw

  • the passenger trains from Medzilaborce to Sanok and Rzeszów on weekends during summer season

  • we cooperate with PKP Intercity and POLREGIO

Prices and discounts


for all

Local border traffic
Kysuce - Poland

Seasonal trains
Medzilaborce - Sanok

Direct sleeping



Tips for your journey

  • children under 4 years of age travel for free on the territory of Poland and on the trains operated by PKP InterCity,
  • IC PKP InterCity trains require reservation,
  • The transportation from Zwardoń on the Polish side is operated also by the private railway carrier Koleje Śląskie, which does not accept the standard international tickets. The ticket for your further journey can be purchased in the station Zwardoń.
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