• Interrail can be used in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bulgaria
  • ticket is also valid on some ferry companies
  • with Interrail Global Pass, you can discover multiple Mediterranean or Balkan destinations

* KVC = Komplexné vybavenie cestujúcich = Comprehensive services for passengers


  • enjoy relaxing on the Portuguese beaches of the Algarve region
  • get to know Lisbon, which wakes up after sunset
  • in Porto, enjoy port wine on the banks of the Douro River
  • visit the historic city of Braga, whose architecture dates back to the Roman Empire

from 92 €


  • visit one of the largest pilgrimage sites - Santiago de Compostela
  • surf on the waves of the beach in San Sebastián,
  • stroll along the cobbled streets of Seville, the capital of Andalusia
  • enjoy shopping in the famous El Rastro market and discover the beauty of Madrid

from 170 €


    • enjoy the romantic gondolier atmosphere in Venice
    • get to know the world-famous monuments in Rome such as the Colosseum or St. Peter’s Cathedral
    • shop around in Milan – the city of fashion
    • take a shot of the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa

    from 121 €


    • get to know Athens, the heart of ancient Greece
    • watch theatrical performance at Theatro Dassous in Thessaloniki
    • the capital of the Peloponnese, Patras, offers a rich history and beautiful beaches
    • stroll through the streets of the fortress in Larissa.

    from 92 €


    • discover the beauty of Ankara, the capital of Turkey
    • visit the world famous landmark of Istanbul - Hagia Sophia
    • take a stroll along the promenade in lzmir
    • meet the most famous landmark of Konya, the Mevlana Museum

    from 59 €


    • discover the natural beauty of the Škocjan Caves
    • take a stroll in Ljubljana's historic center
    • visit Predjam Castle built under the rock overhang
    • do not miss the beautiful scenery of the Logar Valley

    from 59 €


    • experience the beauty of Plitvice National Park,
    • visit the Amphitheater of the Roman Empire in Pula
    • get to know Zadar's nightlife energy
    • relax on the beaches of Split.from 59 €

    from 59 €


    • take a photo of the most beautiful Bosnian waterfalls Kravica
    • experience adrenaline during rafting near Bihać
    • get to know the beauty of Sarajevo
    • visit the historical mosques in Mostar
    • in Bosnia and Herzegovina it is possible to travel with the Interrail Global Pass only


    • relax on the beaches of Ada Ciganlija,
    • see Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad
    • relax in Banja Koviljača Spa
    • have fun at various parties in Belgrade

    from 59 €


    • visit the crystal clear waterfalls of Mavrovo National Park
    • see the 12th century Sveti Pantelejmon Monastery
    • indulge in a romantic boat ride on Lake Mother
    • try unforgettable hiking in Galičica National Park

    from 59 €


    • try different water sports on Slovenska Plaža beach
    • visit the Hristovog Vaskrsenja Temple in Podgorica
    • take a stroll through Durmitor National Park
    • discover the city of Stari Bar built in the 6th century
    • in Montenegro it is possible to travel with the Interrail Global Pass only


    • relax on the beaches of Burgas or Varna
    • visit Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia
    • get to know the historical monuments of Plovdiv
    • see the untouched nature of Rila Mountain

    from 59 €





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