• with one ticket, you can visit 40,000 destinations in 31 European countries
  • ticket is also valid on some ferry companies
  • child up to 12 years (= day before 12th birthday) travels with Interrail for 0 €

    * KVC = Komplexné vybavenie cestujúcich = Comprehensive services for passengers

    Relax by the sea


    • see the sunrise on Lagos beach
    • dance with children Spanish dances in Malaga
    • enjoy the fun on Ibiza Island
    • try a cruise ship to Sardinia
    • relax on the beach in Rimini, Italy
    • swim in the Adriatic Sea while visiting Split

      Theme parks


      • try all the attractions of the Prater theme park in Vienna
      • see the expositions of the Toy Museum in Munich
      • indulge your family at Disneyland in Paris
      • do not miss Copenhagen Children's Museum
      • visit Rovaniemi - the official town of Santa Claus

      Visiting castles and mansions


      • see the castle of the famous ruler Vlad III. Dracula
      • experience the exchange of castle guards at Prague Castle
      • visit Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria
      • take a tour of Leeds Castle
      • take a picture of Renaissance artworks at Chambord Castle
      • see the armor exhibition in Segovia Fortress

        For some new knowledge


        • visit the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao
        • make a family photo in front of the Louvre Palace
        • check out the art in the National Gallery in London
        • shoot out the cannon at the Naval Museum Scheepvaartmuseum in Amsterdam
        • walk through the exhibitions of the Vienna Natural History Museum
        • do not miss the Leonardo da Vinci Museum in Florence





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