* KVC = Komplexné vybavenie cestujúcich = Comprehensive ticket services for passengers

Are you travelling as a group? Besides having a good fun, you can also benefit from the group discounts. Discounts for the groups of at least 6 passengers and can go up to 50% off the regular basic international fare. Two passengers who are entitled to half-price fare will be counted as one adult. 

Where it is the best to use the group discount

  • on your journeys to the Czech Republic. The single ticket for the route Bratislava - Prague will only cost 15,82 € per person, if you travel as a group of 6. Compared to the ticket price in the borderline transportation, you can save up to 45 %,
  • on your journeys to Poland. The single ticket for the route Bratislava – Warsaw will only cost 37,28 € per person, if you travel in a group of 6. The cheapest return ticket for one passenger will cost 99,92 €, more you can save only with limited SparDay/SparNight PKP offer.
  • if you do not need the return ticket and only purchase the single ticket, it is advisable to use the group discount option also for the other countries. Especially those countries, where we do not offer the CityStar fare.
  • In all the above listed examples, the price is based on the travelled kilometres. The similar discount can be, therefore, purchased to any other station. Just ask our staff for detailed advice.

Where it is the best to use other discounts

  • on your return journeys to Budapest, Vienna or to the foreign stations in the vicinity of the borderline we suggest to use the route-fixed discounts for the return journey or the local border discount,
  • if you wish to purchase the return ticket, we suggest you ask our ticket-desk staff for recalculation of the options to find out if it is more convenient to purchase the group discount for 6 and more passengers or, in some cases, to purchase the combination of CityStar return tickets that is designed also for less than 6 passengers. For the journeys to Austria, the CityStar pays off better,
  • from Bratislava to Vienna we offer special group ticket for a group of 10 and more passengers younger than 26 years of age.

Can I return the group ticket?

  • It is possible to return the ticket latest 3 days prior to the train departure and with the cancellation fee of 10% from the total price of the ticket, at least 3 € (for the tickets to the Czech republic, the least cancellation fee is 1 €), the highest cancellation fee is 50 €.

Your group is not big enough? We suggest you look at the CityStar offer designed for smaller groups.

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