• With a standard international ticket, you can travel on majority of the trains on the selected track (the InterCity trains in Slovakia are an exception), you will need additional reservation only for the trains where the reservation is required,
  • Compensation for delayed trains,
  • Special offers EUROPA EXPRES, BERLIN ŠPECIÁL, CityStar and some others settle special conditions.

Tip for your journey

Are travelling abroad with children? The age-limit for free travel varies. In the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria or Germany are children allowed to travel for free if up to 6 years of age, in Poland or Ukraine the limit is 4 years of age. However, if you want to purchase the reservation, the fare is to be paid. Small animals can be transported in a special box and normally free of charge, for a dog without the box, however, the fare is to be paid. You can read more about the bicycle transportation here.

Returning an international ticket

  • Unused international ticket purchased at the ZSSK ticket-desks can be returned in any ZSSK ticket-desk equipped with KVC. If you return the ticket as still valid and unused, we can reimburse its value minus the cancellation fee,
  • If an unused ticket is returned, the company deducts 10% cancellation fee, minimum of 3 € and maximum 10 €, with a group ticket, the deduction is also 10 %, minimum 3 € and maximum 50 €,
  • In case of local border transportation tickets, special prices, relational discounts and pre-paid tickets and in case of special offers (e.g. EUROPA EXPRES, BERLIN ŠPECIÁL, CityStar) special conditions are valid,
  • The actual conditions are indicated on the ticket,
  • If you need to return an international ticket purchased at other company (operator), your request can be only dealt with at the operator which sold the ticket. ZSSK can provide you with the contact information in case you ask for this,
  • The partially used ticket must be confirmed as unused in the station/point where you terminated the journey. The claim must be submitted within 1 month after the validity of the ticket expires,
  • Reimbursement of the partially used international ticket will be dealt with at ZSSK: Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko, Oddelenie zákazníckych podaní - pracovisko Letná 42, Pri bitúnku 2, 040 01 Košice.

Returning the reservation documents

  • An unused berth/couchette ticket purchased at the ZSSK ticket-desk, can be returned at any ZSSK ticket-desk equipped with KVC, the reimbursed amount depends on the original berth/couchette ticket  price and on the time (respectively the day) of ticket return prior to the date of the train departure from the initial station (for more detailed information please refer here),
  • In case of some offers (e.g. EUROPA EXPRES – night trains to the Czech Republic), there are special conditions for reimbursement,
  • Please, have it confirmed at the station or by the train personnel, that did not use the ticket,
  • Reservations of a seat cannot be reimbursed.


Would you like to know the prices for seat, berth or couchette reservations for the journey abroad?

Would you like to see the prices of international tickets, but your search at this webpage was unsuccessful?

  • Ask our colleagues at the ticket-desks equipped with KVC, at the Customer Centres or call our Contact centre (tel. 18 188, for international calls +421 24 48 58 188 calls are subject to charges),

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