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SC Pendolino Košičan

SuperCity (SC) trains provide the fastest land connection between Košice, High Tatras and Prague:

  • SC 242 Pendolino Košičan (Košice 06:58 - Žilina 09:48-09:53 - Praha hl. n. 14:19)
    • running on Saturdays and 19.IV., 1., 8.V., 5.VII., not running 20.IV., 6.VII.
  • SC 241 Pendolino Košičan (Praha hl. n. 07:09 - Žilina 11:33-11:34 - Košice 14:27)
    • not running 24., 25., 31.XII.
  • SC 240 Pendolino Košičan (Košice 15:00 - Žilina 17:52-17:53 - Praha hl. n. 22:19)
    • not running 24., 25., 26.XII.
  • SC 243 Pendolino Košičan (Praha hl. n. 15:31 - Žilina 20:08-20:10 - Košice 23:05)
    • running on Fridays and 18., 30.IV., 7.V., 4.VII., not running 19.VI., 5.VII.

Services and timetable

1st Class

2nd Class
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Favourable prices to the Czech republic


Prague discounts package

Global prices

More offers*

*The CityStar offer or the tickets from ticket-desks within the neighbourhood transportation can be also used on the SC Pendolino trains. It is, however, necessary to purchase an extra fee (standard price is 3 € including the seat reservation). The fee can be returned under the same conditions as when returning a global price ticket.

Favourable prices also in Slovakia

Within the Slovak territory, the passengers can travel under the same conditions as on the other trains of ZSSK. It is necessary to purchase the extra fee including the seat reservation. The fee costs only 1 € for the 2nd Class coaches/paying passengers. The complete pricelist can be found here.

If you decide to travel with Pendolino and board the train with just a regular ticket, you can take your seat and buy the extra fee without surcharge from the train personnel.

Other suggestions

  • Children under 6 years of age are allowed to travel in the international transportation free of charge if they do not need to occupy extra seat. In domestic transportation, the fee is required and it is 1 € in the 2nd Class coaches and 3 € in the 1st Class coaches,
  • Transportation of hand luggage and prams is free of charge,
  • Bicycles are to be transported under the supervision of the owner/passenger. It is necessary to make a reservation and buy the bicycle ticket. In case of the global price ticket, the bicycle is included in the general ticket price.
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