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  • frequent train connection from Bratislava hlavná stanica (Main Station) or from Bratislava-Petržalka to Vienna

  • direct InterCity train Košice - Vienna

  • discounted return tickets EURegio to Vienna and to the close border towns and villages

  • trains are operated in cooperation with ÖBB, our partner in Austria

Prices and discounts

If you travel
to the close border regions

If you travel
to Vienna

If you are a frequent
traveller to Austria

If you travel
farther than Vienna

ÖBB Nightjet
night trains to Vienna

Košice - Vienna

Railjet xpress
Bratislava - Zürich and back

Tips for you journey to Austria

  • Children under 6 years of age travel for free,
  • With the CityStar offer to Austria, children aged 6-15 do not pay for the Austrian part of the journey, if they are accompanied by a parent or a grandparent. It is, however, required that a separate ticket is issued for them,
  • Bicycle transportation is included in the price of the EURegio tickets (exception is the youth group ticket),
  • Within the complete ÖBB regional transportation (trains marked as R, REX, S-Bahn) there is the overall self-dispatch system introduced. This means you can board the train only with a valid ticket. Exceptions are the cases if the station has no ticket-desk or it is not equipped with a ticket-machine selling the travel documents ÖBB. In such a case you need to contact the train personnel, or purchase the ticket in the ticket-machine on the train,
  • During the official school holidays, weekends and bank holidays, the children aged 6-15 can use the transport means of Wiener Linien, Zone 100, free of charge. The ticket-control personnel can require an official ID with the personal photograph and date of birth. The older children can use this advantage if they have an ID confirming they are attending a school in Austria. You can find more information at,
  • Travelling at night? ÖBB Nightjet trains from Vienna to cities in Austria, Germany or Italy are at Your disposal,
  • Try out the art trains on the route Bratislava - Vienna. More information is available here.
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