The security rules for the electronic services usage within the system of Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko, a.s.

1.    The customer (electronic services user) is fully responsible for protection of the device via which he/she accesses and uses the electronic portal and electronic sales services of Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko,a.s. (ZSSK); this protection must cover also the software equipment and data in this device, the responsibility covers also all the steps undertaken in the mentioned electronic services usage.

2. The customer (electronic services user) is explicitly responsible for choosing sufficiently secure login data for access to electronic services of ZSSK and is responsible also for the secure retention of this data. ZSSK is not liable for any damage resulting from the insufficient securing of the customer access data to the ZSSK electronic services, neither for the damage resulting from the transmission failure, technical failures, line disconnection, interference with the devices of the telecommunication services provider or private networks operators, resp. other technical issues of any kind.

3. ZSSK puts maximum effort in securing the data transmitted over data networks between the terminal devices used by the customers and the ZSSK electronic services. However, ZSSK does not accept any responsibility for retention or abuse of the data that are being exchanged between the customer‘s device and the ZSSK electronic services. The customer (electronic services user) is responsible for the accuracy of the transmitted data and for the software or hardware equipment failure.

4. In case the customer (electronic services user) recognizes that his/her access data for the ZSSK electronic services have been misused, it is mandatory that the customer reports this to ZSSK immediately.

5. Any usage of the ZSSK electronic services outside of its purpose (e.g. information provision, travel documents purchase, customer account services, etc.) is not allowed and ZSSK does not accept any liability in such a case.

6. By usage of the ZSSK electronic services provided to the public, a customer (user) confirms that he/she is familiar with these security measures and will make use of the electronic services only within the security rules stated in this document.

7. When using the ZSSK electronic services, the customer is obliged to act the way that no damage results from his action and this neither to ZSSK, nor to any third party.

8. By using the electronic services, the customer (user) agrees to the following:

  • the customer will not infringe upon the contents and security of the ZSSK electronic services
  • the customer will not send unsolicited mail, neither any other harmful content that could – in any way- jeopardize the security of the data protection or functional accuracy of the ZSSK electronic services
  • the customer will not exert any efforts to gain the unauthorised access to the ZSSK electronic services, to any of its section or to the accounts of other users
  • when registering, the customer will share only the correct and truthful facts on the personal identity and contact  data and will regularly update them
  • the customer will not assign his/her data for the personal account access or the electronic services access to any other person

9. ZSSK reserves the right to interrupt the service provision, including the payment services, in case of the ZSSK information system maintenance, software update and system diagnostics. In cases where such an interruption can be planned, it will be planned in an advantageous manner and the customers will be notified via the webpage

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