You want to make sure that even in the peak-times you will have your seat in the train? On the trains of the category: EuroCity, EuroNight, Express Train, Fast Train, Regional Fast Train and on selected Regional Express Trains you have the option of purchasing a reservation. The reservation is required/compulsory for the InterCity and SuperCity trains. If you travel to the Czech republic, you would need a reservation for the EuroNight trains. If travelling to Poland, there are compulsory reservations on EC 130/131 Bathory. In the timetable, these trains are marked with a framed letter R.


  • Guaranteed seat reservation on the selected train
  • The domestic reservation for one train costs just 1 €, the prices of international reservations can be found here
  • The seat reservation for the premium 1 plus compartment costs 5 € (reservation is compulsory), you can purchase it on the train, without a surcharge
  • The seat reservation for the 1st Class in a daylight fast train on the track Bratislava - Žilina - Košice / Humenné and back is also available on the train without any surcharge
  • The possibility to purchase a reservation also for a child under 6 years of age (children under 6 years of age do not need to purchase a ticket, they travel for free)
  • If you do not get the reserved seat, our personnel will try to find a replacement for you. However, if we cannot provide you a replacement, you will be reimbursed 5€ (please, ask the train personnel to issue a confirmation for you)
  • On the SuperCity train, a seat reservation is included in the supplement fee, on the InterCity train in the price of the ticket.

Extra benefit – free seat reservation

  • one free-of-charge reservation is offered:
    • to a passenger who purchases a ticket for the 1st Class, no matter what the price is
    • to a passenger who purchases a ticket for the 2nd Class, and the price is over 10 € (including the special offer Group)
  • The offer is valid on the domestic trains by purchase of a ticket with reservation at our ticket desks with KVC system* or online. The offer is valid until available
  • The offer is not valid in combination with the Season Tickets for selected routes, in combination with MAXI KLASIK card, railway-employee card and it is not valid for the international trains

How to check if a reservation is possible

This information can be found:

  • in the connection finder on this webpage, please, click the icon „i“ at the selected train
  • by ticket purchase in ZSSK online shop
  • in the book-version of the train-timetable: framed letter R in the train header means that the train requires reservation, symbol R sole means that the passengers have an option to purchase the reservation in the train.. EC trains do not have this symbol, but all EC trains provide you with the reservation option (For the timetables, please click here).

Seat reservation from 9th Dec 2018

ZSSK meets customer requirements and extends the sale of seat reservations on all domestic trains - from 9th December 2018 all seats can be sold during the train journey as well. So passengers are able to buy the seat reservation until the train departs from any boarding station. All seats are signed as so called express reservation, where the passenger with seat reservation has the right to seat.

* KVC = Komplexné vybavenie cestujúcich = Comprehensive ticket services for passengers

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