• Are you travelling by train and you did not purchase your ticket early enough?

  • Or you would like to change for more comfortable seat in the 1st Class?

  • We have solutions for these situations and will help you with appropriate advice.

If you are boarding the train in a station where the ticket-desks are closed or unavailable

  • On majority of our trains, you can purchase the necessary travel document from our train personnel. You need to actively look for our train personnel on the train and they will sell you the required ticket:

Talk to us

Do not do it this way

"A ticket, please"

The train personnel will not be able to sell you the ticket at the train door, but you can always contact them as soon as possible.

"Maybe, he does not notice…"

To sit down and wait/do nothing is not the right way, even though it has been tolerated for long time - it is considered as travelling without the ticket.

Illustrations: Jozef Jurko

  • passengers who are not required to actively contact our train personnel: seniors over 70 years of age, passenger with special cards (disabled passengers) ŤZP and ŤZP-S and immobile passengers with the booked assistance or the passengers boarding the train with a pram or a bike if they board the dedicated parts of the train.

If boarding the train in the station with the open ticket-desk

  • If you actively look for our train personnel, you can purchase your ticket with a minor surcharge 1,50 € (or the zero-fare transportation ticket with the minor surcharge 3 €),
  • on selected lines (with so called self-service system) the passengers are asked to board the train with the appropriate ticket or with the customer card for zero-fare transport.

What else you can purchase aboard with no surcharges?

  • Berth and couchette tickets can be purchased from the couchette/berth coach attendant – employee of the partner company
  • 1st Class fee
  • Premium coupe 1plus reservation
  • Seat reservation for the 1st Class in the fast trains on the track Bratislava - Žilina - Košice / Humenné and back
  • Tickets for further journey for the passengers with valid SMS ticket

If boarding the train on lines with self-service system

On these lines:

there is no train staff and the passengers are asked to board the train with the appropriate ticket which needs to be validated on the train.

Traveling conditions on lines with self-service system

  • the ZSSK transport conditions, prices and discounts are valid,
  • on the Zohor - Záhorská Ves line, incorporated in the Integrated Transport System In Bratislava Region (IDS BK), the IDS BK transport conditions and prices are valid as well,
  • tickets can be purchased through ZSSK internet shop, "Ideme vlakom" ZSSK mobile app or as ZSSK SMS tickets,
  • tickets for the line Studený Potok to Tatranská Lomnica can be purchased using self-service machines at Poprad-Tatry, Starý Smokovec or Tatranská Lomnca stations as wel,
  • passengers are obliged to validate their tickets in a ticket marker immediately after boarding (does not apply to internet ticktes, mobile app tickets and SMS tickets), otherwise tickets are not valid,
  • on the line Žilina - Rajec integrated tickets need to be validated,
  • on the line Rusovce - Bratislava-Petržalka, if boarding in Rusovce station and travelling towards Bratislava-Petržalka, the single ZSSK and IDS BK tickets need to be validated by the engine driver,
  • at stops without ticket sales are tickets sold by a train driver (exception is Bratislava-Petržalka - Rusovce line and partly TEŽ and OŽ lines)
  • passengers entitled to zero-fare transport use only their customer cards,
  • train stuff on transfer trains checks tickets from self-service system lines and sells a follow-up tickets or zero-fare transport tickets.
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