Are You entitled for zero-fare transport? Do You not like queueing and buying your ticket in the last minute? You want to avoid the risk of not getting the ticket for your selected train for the capacity reasons? We have a solution: THE TICKET TO YOUR MOBILE PHONE purchased VIA TELEPHONE CALL. You just need to make a phone call to our 24/7 Contact Centre dialling 18 188, where our employees advice you and send the selected ticket to you mobile phone in SMS format. The service is recommended especially for the long-distance trains. The service is available in the mobile operators’ networks of Orange, Slovak Telekom a O2 Slovakia, not in foreign operators’ networks.


  • purchase from the comfort of your home
  • internet connection not needed
  • our employees will help you to choose the train and the seat according to your needs

For which trains can the ticket be issued?

Via our Contact Centre, the passengers entitled to the zero-fare transportation can purchase two ticket types: simple ticket or ticket with reservation for:

  • Fast trains (R), regional fast trains (RR), express trains (Ex), EuroNight trains (EN), in which the zero-fare transportation capacity is limited and the ticket is bound to the selected train only.
  • Passenger trains (Os) and  regional express trains (REX), where the capacity is not limited and the ticket can be used for any of these trains on the selected route and the ticket can be universally used on the indicated day (until 4am the next day).
  • Service is not available for the InterCity, EuroCity and SuperCity trains.

Call us, confirm your request and receive your ticket

Simple procedure in three steps

  • Call us* on 18 188 (Contact Centre of Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko). Choose the train and ticket type, give us the number of your zero-fare transportation card and your mobile phone number. You will receive the information SMS to your mobile phone,
  • Confirm the information SMS within 10 minutes by sending an empty SMS (if the empty SMS cannot be sent, insert the blank space),
  • You receive SMS ticket to your mobile phone, which enables you to board the train and travel (our train personnel will check the SMS ticket and the zero-fare transportation card).

Practical advice

  • on the fast trains, regional fast trains, express trains and EuroNight trains the SMS ticket is only valid for the selected train. If you decide to change the train, you need to cancel your ticket calling 18 188, afterwards you can purchase a new ticket. The sum you paid for the SMS ticket service will not be refunded,
  • the SMS ticket to your mobile phone can be purchased for the whole journey including train changes,
  • if you combine the train with limited capacity (Ex, R, RR a EN) and the train with free capacity (Os a REX), the ticket is valid for any Os and REX train,
  • if you combine the trains with limited capacity, these will be indicated in the SMS ticket,
  • SMS ticket always includes the number of the train with limited capacity, for which it was issued,
  • simple ticket or the ticket with reservation can be purchased earliest 60 days prior to the journey and latest right before the train departure- passenger cannot board the train without the ticket,
  • the service is available in the mobile operators’ networks of Orange, Slovak Telekom, O2 Slovakia and SWAN Mobile - 4ka, not in foreign operators’ networks,
  • a forwarded SMS ticket is not valid.

For as little as 1,20 € you can have your seat...and no need to visit our ticket-desks

Type of the zero-fare transportation ticket


Simple ticket

0,80 €

(travel-fare 0 €, express fee 0,80 €)

Ticket with reservation

1,20 €

(travel-fare 0 €, express fee 0,20 €, reservation 1 €)

*The phone calls to the Contact Centre are charged. For the pricelists of the individual operators, click here.


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