1) What is online chat?

Online chat is, nowadays, almost regular service of many web portals aimed at sales of goods or services. The customer profits from quick and easy connection with the operator, who can give him/her prompt and thorough advice on selection of goods or services. In our case, the operator can help to purchase the ticket, choose the suitable and optimal journey plan, or provide the information on our services and products. 

2) How it works?

Click the icon „Online“ located on the webpage in the right bottom area. You can choose one of the available operators or an operator will automatically be allocated to you. The communication enables a few features like, e.g. to attach a file, move the chat window, to print or send the communication on selected e-mail address.

3) Who is online and when?

The operators of the ZSSK Contact Centre are there for you 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week. Between 8pm and 8am, the chat will be offline, but you can still contact via phone, dialling 18 188 (or +421 24 48 58 188 for international calls), or send us a message which will be forwarded to the e-mail address of the Contact Centre

4) Is the chat always accessible?

It can happen that if the interest exceeds our capacity, we can happen to be temporarily inaccessible even during the day, or our response can be delayed.

5) What are the advantages?

There are numerous advantages to this system: you can find the information faster, you do not need to pay visit to our ticket-desks, you do not need to make phone calls. The service is also recommended for people with hearing disabilities.

6) We are the first!

We are the first railway carrier in central Europe to initiate this service.

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