Passengers with reduced mobility - provided assistance

Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko involves the special coaches adjusted to transportation of passengers with reduced mobility (PRMs) in the train compositions of the fast trains and other long-distance trains. Besides this, disabled passengers can choose from a number of discounts. 

Assistance on the way

  • Immobile passengers can book the transportation and assistance in the call centre (Contact Centre) using the special form (please click here for the English version), or non-stop tel. 18 188 (+421 24 48 58 188 for international calls), or at the ticket-desks. We kindly remind you to do so at least 24 hours prior to the journey. Passengers with disabilities may also ask for assistance,
  • the possibility to order transportation and assistance for passengers with reduced mobility and assistance for other passengers with a health condition is also available on IC trains (please click on more information),
  • night trains EN 442/EN 443 Slovakia and R 614/R 615 Zemplín have a special compartment for wheelchair users (for more information please refer here).
  • If you book the transportation with assistance, we kindly ask you to be at the station at least 30 minutes prior to the train departure (at Bratislava hl. st. station 45 minutes prior to the train departure, due to temporary reconstruction works from 19th July 2017) and report yourself to railway employee according to the instructions. In case there is also the wheelchair, it needs to be equipped with functional hand-brake and belts to be fastened to the fastening apparatus on board of the coach,
  • If you decide to cancel your journey, please inform the Contact Centre as soon as possible (tel. 18 188 (+421 24 48 58 188),,
  • Within the fast trains and other selected trains compositions, we involve the special coaches adjusted to transportation of PRMs, with adjusted compartment and toilet facility. Some of these coaches are equipped with special hydraulic lifting ramp,
  • Where to find the information about the train composition and PRM adjustments:
    • in the finder on this webpage if you click the information icon „i“
    • In the book version of the train timetable:
      • Coach equipped with the lifting ramp and compartment for PRMs transportation
      • Coach with PRM adjusted compartment 
  • the list of ZSR stations equipped with lifting ramps and other devices for PRMs is available on ZSR webpage (in Slovak language),
  • the list of stations equipped with the toilets with the universal key (so called eurokey) is available at (in Slovak language),
  • We reserve priority seats for our PRMs, disabled passengers and the holders of ŤZP and ŤZP-S cards.

Domestic discounts

  • ŤZP-S card holder will be provided with free transportation for:
    • the accompanying assistant (in 2nd Class except for InterCity trains),
    • wheelchair,
    • pram (for the immobile child),
    • specially trained accompanying dog.
  • The accompanying assistant travels for free even if the PRM uses the zero-fare transport option, in such a case we kindly ask the PRM to carry not only the zero-fare transportation card and travel ticket, but also the ŤZP-S card,
  • If the ŤZP card holder is a child under 6 years of age, the accompanying assistant travels for free,
  • Specially trained accompanying dog does not need to be muzzled and can also travel in the 1st Class compartment (in case it is requested, please, present the Specially Trained Dog Certificate and place the dog-tag visibly),
  • the train personnel may ask for the ŤZP card and for the identity document,
  • On board of the EuroCity trains, ŤZP and ŤZP-S card holders are required to pay the domestic-travel fee 1€. The accompanying assistant pays this fee only in the 1st Class compartment,
  • On board of the SuperCity trains,  ŤZP and ŤZP-S card holders are required to pay the domestic-travel fee 5 € in the 2nd Class compartment in case they are using the zero-fare transportation card and zero-fare ticket. In case they do not use the zero-fare transportation card, the fee to be paid in the 2nd Class compartment is just 1 €. The accompanying assistant pays the domestic-travel fee 5 € in the 2nd Class compartment. If travelling in the 1st Class compartment, using ŤZP or ŤZP-S, each travelling passenger is charged 3 €.
  • On board of the InterCity trains, we offer the discounts according to the pricelist.
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