AQUAPASS POPRAD only for 19 €

  • Train ticket and all-day wellness in one. No need to look for better deals. This is the best offer for you!

The package is available

The package includes

  • 1-day return ticket from selected train station or train stop in Slovakia to the station Poprad-Tatry (except of train stations and stops on tracks Štrba - Štrbské Pleso, Poprad-Tatry - Štrbské Pleso and Starý Smokovec - Tatranská Lomnica, but including stations Štrba and Tatranská Lomnica)
  • all-day entrance to AQUACITY Poprad with the AQUA PACKET programme

How to use the train ticket

  • The train ticket is valid for the 2nd Class on ZSSK trains of all categories except the tracks Štrba - Štrbské Pleso, Poprad-Tatry - Štrbské Pleso a Starý Smokovec - Tatranská Lomnica and except the InterCity trains (on IC trains you can use the lowest possible fare - IC supplement)
  • The trains with compulsory reservation of the category SuperCity can be used as well (under the condition that you additionally purchase the compulsory reservation fee for 1 €, which includes the seat reservation)
  • Your return journey can be different from the onward journey to Poprad
  • Reservations, berths and couchettes can be purchased additionally
  • The train ticket is valid until 4 am of the following day

How to cancel the ticket

  • The ticket can be returned before the 1st day of its validity with the cancellation fee 10 %

How to reach AQUACITY

  • AQUACITY is located approximately 1 km from the train station Poprad-Tatry. To get better oriented, have a look at the map below (click-open), the location of the waterpark is marked with the blue marker.

For more information concerning AQUACITY POPRAD, please, check its webpage at

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