On the trains of Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko you can transport your animal pets in the 2nd class carriages.

Small pets are transported for free

Rabbits, cats, guinea-pigs, and other small animals (including dogs) can be transported for free, provided they are in a transport box (also a cage, basket) that can be closed and has a leak-proof bottom,

  • the birds of prey are allowed for transport in special boxes.

Dogs without transport box will be transported for half-price fare

  • it is allowed to transport a dog without using a transport box. The dog must be leashed and wear a muzzle,
  • a dog without a transport box will be transported for half-price fare, on the territory of Slovakia, on the EuroCity trains it is necessary to purchase the extra fee of 1 €, on the SuperCity train, no extra fee is required for transporting a dog, on the InterCity train a special pricelist applies,
  • on the tracks of Tatra Electric Railway and Cog Railway, you can also purchase a Seasonal Rail Pass for your dog.

Please, respect the other passengers

  • animals can be transported in a compartment, if the other passenger do not make objections, or in an open-space coach in the part of the coach where they are not in other passengers‘  way (usually in the end-sections of the coach),
  • we kindly ask you not to place the animals on the seats or couchettes and not to bring them to the restaurant/bistro coaches.

Animals are not allowed in the 1st class and berth compartments

  • animals can be transported in the 2nd class carriages and couchette compartments
  • in the 1st class carriages and berth compartments, animals are not allowed. A specially trained dog – accompanying a holder of ŤZP-S card is an exception.
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