Are you travelling with luggage? If your luggage is of a smaller size, you can carry it with you in the compartment or open-space coach, for free. Bigger pieces of luggage can be transported in designated areas or in the mobile luggage storage.

What can be transported for free?

  • hand luggage
  • 1 pram with a child (except of IC trains) or 1 pair of skis with poles or one snowboard

The hand luggage should not occupy more space than the space above passenger’s seat and under the seat. Its weight should not exceed the passenger’s ability to lift it. This principle is valid also if the passenger is not seated. The passenger is responsible for the luggage he/she carries on the train.

In case your luggage is bigger

To transport bigger pieces of luggage, you can use the following options:

Designated area

This possibility is offered to our passengers on all domestic trains and it is not charged with an extra fee (if the capacity allows). The luggage can be placed in the designated area - the entrance corridor area  (in the first coach behind the first door, in the last coach behind the last door). The passenger is responsible for his/her luggage. Maximum 3 pieces of luggage per passenger are allowed.

Mobile left-luggage car

This service is provided in majority of the long-distance trains. The oversized luggage is transported in the service coach, in the designated mobile luggage storage. The passenger loads and offloads the luggage, but does not need to look after it during the journey. Because of the limited capacity, we suggest, that the passenger add the reservation to the luggage fee, on some trains it is obligatory. Maximum 3 pieces of luggage per passenger are allowed.

Which train is equipped with the mobile left-luggage car?

mobile left-luggage car – optional reservation of the luggage capacity


mobile left-luggage car – obligatory reservation of the luggage capacity

Prices of the luggage carriage

  • Single luggage-ticket  1 €
  • Daily luggage-ticket  2 €
  • Weekly luggage-ticket  6 €
  • Reservation (obligatory or optional)  1 €

The conditions on InterCity trains are different. Please click on more information.

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