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Planning a bicycle trip? We offer the transportation of bikes or e-bikes in almost all trains operated by Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko.

ON A RACK (simplified transport - all train categories)

Simplified transport is available in almost all domestic trains except for InterCity trains in case the capacity is not exceeded. All you need is to purchase a bike ticket.

You may hang your bike on a rack in a coach marked with a bicycle symbol or place it in area onboard the front door of the first coach or the rear door of the last coach coupled in the train. You are responsible for transport of your bicycle for the entire duration of your journey.

It is possible to transport maximum three bikes per person (one ticket for each is needed).

If you travel by a long-distance train (usually EC or express train) abroad, the transportation of bike is possible in designated areas with racks, not in the area behind the first or last door. Sometimes, a compulsory reservation may by necessary.


MOBILE LEFT-LUGGAGE CAR (good option for long distances)

If you decide to transport a bicycle or an e-bike in a separate luggage compartment, you do not have to look after it during your journey. After loading, ZSSK takes over responsibility for transport of your bicycle. Please dismantle all easily removable parts (such as tool bags, etc.). With regard to the limited capacity, we recommend to purchase a reservation. In some trains it is compulsory.


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Are you travelling as a group and are you afraid of capacity limitations? Please contact our Call Centre (tel. 18 188, +421 24 48 58 188 from abroad,


  • On this website. After searching your connection, please click on „i“ button (route details).
  • In the timetable according to following pictograms:

Mobile left-luggage car, optional reservation for bicycles


Mobile left-luggage car, compulsory reservation for bicycles


simplified transportation


simplified transportation, reservation optional


simplified transportation, reservation compulsory


bicycle transportation is unavailable


  • Single (one-way) ticket 1,50 €

  • One-day ticket 2,50 €

  • Weekly ticket 6 €

  • Optional bicycle reservation 1 €

  • Bicycle ticket on InterCity train 2,50 €

Transport of a foldable bicycle is free of charge (the same conditions are applied as in case of hand luggage - the bike should not occupy more space than the space above passenger’s seat or under the seat.). The bike has to be folded.


Do you have weekly/monthly season ticket for selected routes, High Tatras season ticket for 7 days or one month, pre-paid ticket for Integrated transport system in Bratislava region or MAXI KLASIK card? You can purchase a convenient weekly/monthly ticket for your bike valid on Os and REX train categories. The price is 4 € for one week or 8 € for one month.



Rail transport between Slovakia and Austria is operated by regional express trains (REX), ordinary passenger trains and Railjet xpresses (RJX). They do transport bicycles. The fare between Bratislava and Austria is included in the price of an EURegio ticket to Vienna or border areas. If travelling on direct daily train IC Košice - Vienna, the price for a bicycle in left-luggage car is 2,50 €.

In Railjet xpress trains are bicycles transported in 2nd Class carriage (Economy Class) and reservation is required. The price for transporting a bike is 8 € (5 € one-way international fare + 3 € reservation).

Czech republic

When travelling by a passenger or regional express train (lines Kúty – Břeclav, Nové Mesto nad Váhom - Velká nad Veličkou, Trenčianska Teplá - Vlárský průsmyk, Púchov – Horní Lideč or Čadca – Mosty u Jablunkova), you can purchase a single one-way bicycle ticket for 1,50 €. This is possible if you travel from border area in Slovakia (up to 45 kilometres from the border) to border area in the Czech republic (up to 50 kilometres from border).

When travelling by a long-distance train, there is a compulsory reservation. According to selected train, you can use mobile left luggage car for 3,50 € or place your bike on a rack for 4,50 € (including a reservation of a seat for passenger). For more details, please refer to the timetable or connection search on this website.



Trains of cathegories EuroCity and EuroNight are running between Slovakia and Hungary. Regardless of using a mobile left-luggage car or the rack, the price for transporting a bike is 7 € (5 € fare + 2 € reservation)

Besides, the passenger trains from Bratislava-Petržalka to Rajka and Hegyeshalom are operating. The price for a bicycle ticket depends on distance. Please click to get more information.



Rail transport from Slovakia to Poland across the common border is operated by passenger trains to Zwardoń and, during the summer season, also from Medzilaborce to Sanok and Rzeszów. The fare in these trains is the same as in domestic transport - 1,50 €.



In passenger trains from Čierna nad Tisou to Chop it is possible to transport a bike in the area onboard by the front door of the first coach or the rear door of the last coach coupled in the train. The conditons in these trains are the same as in domestic transport – the fare is 1,50 €.

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