Are you a group of minimum 10? All under 20? We can offer you: 5 for 1 and your leader travels for free. Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko and historical railway Čiernohronská železnica offer you the special combined ticket including the travel on ZSSK train and the travel on the historical Čiernohorská železnica.

For whom is this offer

  • Minimum 10 young travellers each under 20 years of age

Special price

  • 5 € per person + the group leader (at least 18 years old) travels for free

What is included in the ticket

  • three-day return ticket in the 2nd Class for any ZSSK train except IC with the initial station according to the choice of the young travellers group,
  • return ticket for the historical railway Čiernohorská železnica (tracks Chvatimech – Čierny Balog, Čierny Balog – Dobroč, Čierny Balog – Vydrovo Korytárske),
  • entrance to the Forestry Museum in Vydrovo.

Where can the ticket be purchased

Validity and return of the ticket

  • The onward journey according to the choice of the passengers, the ticket for the return journey is valid until midnight of the third day of validity,
  • The ticket can be used for direction different than written on the ticket,
  • If you use the SC Pendolino train, you will need to purchase a 1 € seat-reservation fee,
  • you will need to identify your age using an identity document or the ZSSK discount card with your photograph (also zero-fare transportation card is accepted) You can also use the group-list (please, click here), the leader of the group will need to prove her/his identity using the personal identity document,
  • the ticket (for all the group members) can be returned latest one day prior to the first day of validity with the cancellation fee 10% of the paid amount.

How you get to Čiernohronská železnica

  • from the ZSSK train you will need to change in the station Chvatimech (in the vicinity of Podbrezová, the passenger regional trains Banská Bystrica - Brezno and seasonally also the regional express trains Banská Bystrica – Margecany stop in this station),
  • the trains of Čiernohorská railway depart from this station at request. Please, make the request latest one day prior to the planned historical railway ride:
  • we will need you to let us know the journey date, number of participants and the number of the ZSSK train that will bring you to the station Chvatimech.

Our tips

  • More details about the historical railway can be found directly at its webpage
  • If you use MAXI KLASIK network ticket or a customer card JUNIOR RAILPLUS, KLASIK RAILPLUS or SENIOR RAILPLUS, you can get a 10 % discount from ČHŽ fare.
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