Simultaneously to the zero-fare transportation, Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko continues to provide the symbolic fare for the seniors above 70 years of age in the 2nd Class coaches. The discounted fare can be requested in the following cases:

  • the senior person aged over 70 is not registered for the zero-fare transportation,
  • the senior person over 70 needs to travel on the train where the zero-fare capacity was depleted.

Fare and use

  • the symbolic fare on the domestic trains is 0,15 € for each started 50km section and in the 2nd Class coaches,
  • the discount up to 80% on the fare in the 1st Class coaches of the domestic trains,
  • journey of any distance on the tracks of Tatra Electric Railways and Cog Railway always costs the flat fare of 0,25 €,
  • the discount is based on presenting the identity document with stated date of birth,
  • on the EuroCity (EC) trains, it is necessary to purchase the extra fee of 1 €,
  • on the SuperCity (SC) trains with compulsory reservation, it is necessary to purchase the extra fee of 1 € for the 2nd Class coaches and 3 € for the 1st Class coaches. (the fees include reservation),
  • on the InterCity (IC) it is possible to travel with discount according to the pricelist,
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