Are you travelling or commuting on a frequent basis? Our special offer MAXI KLASIK does not cost you any additional concerns, one payment per year will ensure the unlimited travel on the trains operated by Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko all over Slovakia. The network ticket MAXI KLASIK is an offer for groups as well as for individuals. 

MAXI KLASIK benefits

  • the network ticket is valid on all trains of Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko on the territory of Slovakia except of InterCity trains,
  • on the InterCity trains you travel for the lowest fare available according to the pricelist,
  • no extra fee on the EuroCity trains, on the Super City trains the extra fee to be paid is just 1 € in the 2nd class carriages and 3 € in the 1st class carriages,
  • free travel includes also Tatra Electric Railways and Tatra Cog Railway,
  • additional benefits offered by the contractual companies,
  • possibility to purchase a weekly/monthly ticket for your bike valid on Os and REX train categories. The price is 4 € for one week or 8 € for one month,
  • discounts on international tickets (not valid for the transferable MAXI KLASIK),

For an individual or a group

MAXI KLASIK non-transferable:

This whole-network ticket is issued with the holder’s name on it. It is suitable especially for the customers regularly commuting within longer distances, business travellers and for all those who consider the regular travels as a part of their lifestyle.

MAXI KLASIK transferable:

Suitable for the companies and organizations, the employees of which travel within longer distances on a regular basis. It is not issued with a name on it, so its usage is flexible.

Price list

Card type

Form and Validity

2nd Class

1st Class


non-transferable/1 year

850 €

960 €


non-transferable/6 months

600 €

670 €


transferable/1 year

960 €

1070 €


transferable/6 months

670 €

750 €

20 % VAT is also included.

How to become the MAXI KLASIK holder

* KVC = Komplexné vybavenie cestujúcich = Comprehensive ticket services for passengers

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