• Planning to travel with your friends or the colleagues?

  • Taking a trip, travelling to a concert or just making a few days off somewhere at a cottage?

  • If you take the train and use our special discount offer GROUP, you can save quite a bit.

Group offer and the benefits

  • 25 % discount for the 1st and the 2nd Class exclusive the InterCity trains,
  • The discount is valid also for the EuroCity trains with the extra fee 1 € and for the SuperCity trains where the extra fee is 1 € in the 2nd Class and 3 € in the 1st Class,
  • special offers by our contractors,

How to use the GROUP ticket

  • The ticket is designed for a group of at least six paying passengers where family relations do not play a role,
  • To receive the discount, one of the passengers aged 18+ will be required to present an identity document, there is no age limitation for other members of the group,
  • The ticket will be accepted also in the case where less than the minimum of six passengers are actually travelling.

Tip ZSSK: If you activate you ZSSK Credit Account, you will benefit from the bonus of 5 % of the deposited finances and from the better flexibility in case of ticket return.

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