Aquapass Dolný Kubín

AQUAPASS DOLNÝ KUBÍN is there for you only for 18 EUR. Train ticket and all-day wellness in one.
You can travel from any part of Slovakia for the same price. Visit Dolný Kubín, the cultural centre of Orava region, and enjoy all-day relax in a pleasant spaces of aquapark AquaRelax.


Where you can get the package?

  • The train ticket can be purchased at ZSSK ticket desks equipped with KVC system (KVC = Komplexné vybavenie cestujúcich = Comprehensive ticket systems for passengers).
  • Credit account can not be used for the purpose of this purchase.

The package includes

  • One-day return ticket from selected train station or train stop on slovak territory to the station Dolný Kubín or to the train stop Dolný Kubín zastávka.
  • All-day entrance to AquaRelax Dolný Kubín with access to the swimming pool and to the Water world.

Ako platí lístok?

  • The train ticket is valid for the 2nd Class on ZSSK trains (except InterCity trains).
  • SuperCity and EuroCity trains can be used with a supplement fee 1 EUR.
  • Reservations, berths and couchets can be purchased additionally.
  • The train ticket is valid until 4 am of the following day.

How to cancel the ticket?

  • The ticket can be returned before the first day of its validity with the cancellation fee 10 %.

Large multifunctional pool: 

  • length 26 m
  • width 19 m
  • depth 1,1 to 1,3 m
  • water temperature 32° C

Swimming pool:

  • length 25 m
  • width 15 m
  • depth 1,05 to 2,0 m
  • water temperature 27° C
  • number of tracks: 6

Children's pool: 

  • for the pleasure of young children (1,5 to 10 years)
  • system of two pools with a water slide
  • length 9,5 m
  • width 6,5 m
  • depth 15 to 30 cm
  • water temperature 32° 

Swimming pool

Monday - Friday


Saturday - Sunday




Water world

Monday - Friday (1.9.-30.6.)


Monday - Friday (1.7.-31.8.)


Saturday - Sunday


Holidays (yearly)


Sauna world

Monday - Friday


Saturday - Sunday


News and temporary changes in opening hours (because of technical shutdowns or swimming races) you can find at

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