Passenger rail transportation on the track Žilina – Rajec, is operated by Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko, and is integrated with the urban public transport in Žilina (operated by Dopravný podnik mesta Žiliny). The integrated system is divided into 7 tarif zones (2 of them are operated by urban public transport). All stations and stops on the track Žilina - Rajec are included in the integrated transportation system (ŽRIDS)


The passenger can make his own choice for the track Žilina – Rajec:

  • To purchase the tickets according to the valid pricelists of ZSSK including the single, one-way tickets, discounted fare with special customer offers (for example KLASIK RAILPLUS), zero-fare transportation for selected groups of citizens or the pre-paid network tickets – the same offers are valid all over the network in Slovakia. The travel documents mentioned in this paragraph are valid only on the trains of ZSSK,
  • Integrated tickets, which are valid on the trains of the line Žilina - Rajec, and on the cars of the urban public transport in Žilina.

Line Žilina – Rajec and the differences from other ZSSK trains

  • on the line Žilina – Rajec it is not possible to purchase the ticket on board the train after boarding. The passengers are asked to purchase the ticket before boarding the train. In case you purchase the ŽRIDS ticket, this needs to be validated in the stamping machine onboard the train. ZSSK tickets do not require on-board validation,
  • ŽRIDS tickets are available in the stationary ticket machines of Dopravný podnik mesta Žilina (according to the ŽRIDS pricelist) at all stations and stops except the train stop Porúbka, where the passengers can purchase the ticket from the train driver with no extra fee added, according to ZSSK pricelist,
  • If starting your journey from the stations and stops equipped solely with the stationary ticket machines of Dopravný podnik mesta Žilina, it is possible to purchase the train ticket from the train driver – these are the tickets discount REGIONAL or based on the cards KLASIK RAILPLUS, JUNIOR RAILPLUS and SENIOR RAILPLUS and the bicycle tickets or luggage tickets,
  • passengers using the zero-fare transportation do not need to pick up their ticket before the journey on the line Žilina – Rajec,  it is sufficient to present oneself with the zero-fare transportation card.
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