Which types of tickets can be purchased with Credit Account

Which travel documents cannot be purchased with the bonus credit

Bonus credit cannot be used for these tickets and travel documents:

Bonus credit can be used for purchase of one ticket with the price of minimum 1 € for up to 25 % of the ticket price (or 50 %, if you have also a bonus credit for claim of compensation in case of IC train delay) and in case of international tickets – this can be limited for a certain part of the ticket price, 

When will the cancellation fee added on to your bonus credit

  • If you decide to return the ticket purchased with Credit Account,
  • Exceptions are the tickets that cannot be- according to the relevant Terms and Conditions and according to the Terms and Conditions of Carriage of ZSSK – cancelled for reasons on the side of the customer (e.g. EURegio WIEN TICKET purchased online).


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