Regulation (EC) No 1371/2007 of the European Parliament and of the Council on Rail Passengers' Rights and Obligations (hereinafter Regulation) entered into force in December 2009. Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko (ZSSK) is liable for your transportation and for transportation of your luggage and  has to respect your rights guaranteed by the Regulation.
The Regulation is applicable for international rail passenger transportation.

Based on exemptions granted to the Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic for the period of 4.12.2014 – 3.12.2019,  Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko will apply following exemptions in domestic long-distance rail passenger services:

  • Article 13: Advance Payments Article
  • Article 17: Compensation of the Ticket Price Article
  • Article 18 (2a): Assistance Article
  • Article 21: Accessibility Article
  • Article 22: Assistance at Railway Stations Article
  • Article 23: Assistance on Board Article

Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic has also exempted domestic urban, suburban and regional rail passenger services provided by ZSSK from the application of all provisions of this Regulation permanently, with the exception of “mandatory” Articles 9, 11,12,19,20 par.1 and 26.

The new Regulation is based on the binding rules declared in Convention concerning International Carriage by Rail (COTIF), Annex A – CIV to COTIF and General Conditions of Carriage for Rail Passengers (GCC-CIV/PRR) and Special Conditions of International Carriage for Non-Integrated-Reservation Tickets (SCIC-NRT).

Passengers' rights and obligations in domestic rail passenger transportation on the territory of the Slovak Republic are governed by the above mentioned Regulation, by general and binding domestic legal norms of the Slovak Republic and by ZSSK Terms of Service.

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