Train Delays

If your train is delayed 5 or more minutes or cancelled partially or completely, you have several options. Please, ask for a written confirmation on the train or at ticket desk as soon as possible

  • if you want to abandon your journey: you may return your ticket in a boarding or intermediate station and you will receive a full reimbursement of your fare without any deduction fee (or the reimbursement for the part of journey not made)
  • if you want to continue your journey: if needed, we will transport you from your boarding or intermediate station without any surcharge also by train of higher category or class (also by SC or EC trains, if it is the last possible connection to your destination),
  • if you want to return back from your journey: we will transport you back from intermediate station for free by the next train and receive a full reimbursement of your fare.
  • if you get stuck during the journey (and if you had not been informed about the delay in time) and we are not able to transport you to your destination on the same day: we provide refund of your documented costs:
    • refund of the costs of informing persons that were waiting you and costs for accommodation up to 20 €,
    • refund of the costs for alternative public transport or a taxi (in case no public transport is available) up to 10 €,
    • total amount of the refund must not exceed the price of your ticket.
  • in case an EC or SC train is delayed more than 60 minutes: if you purchased your ticket without information about the delay, we refund the EC fee or 2 € fee in case an SC train was used. 

You may apply your rights to refund up to 12 months after the end of validity of the ticket. Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko as the carrier does not take responsibility for delays and cancellations of trains caused by external reasons - for instance natural disasters, accidents on the track, police operations, misuse of emergency brake, announced construction works or trade union strikes.


  • if you purchased a reservation and in spite of that were not able to allocate you a seat on the train, you may ask for an amount of 5 €

Personal injury, luggage

  • You are entitled to compensation for personal injury or death caused by an accident arising out of operation of the railway and happening while you are in, entering or alighting from railway vehicles. We do not bear responsibility, if the event occurred due to circumstances not connected with the operation of the railway which the carrier, in spite of having taken the care required in the particular circumstances of the case, could not avoid and the consequences of which he was unable to prevent. In case of personal injury we take responsibility also for loss or damage of your luggage or an animal. We take responsibility also for luggage or bicycles placed in mobile left-luggage car. Please, ask our personnel for a written statement about the event using a special form as soon as possible.

How to exercise your claim

  • a written request for refund or compensation may be submitted in any sales point of Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko (except of sales points operated by contractor companies) or on the address Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko, Oddelenie zákazníckych podaní, reklamácie, Rožňavská 1, 832 72, Bratislava,
  • please, specify your name, address, and the reason of your request and add the original train ticket. If you claim a refund for damage, it is necessary to submit a written statement about the event, confirmation of the first medical assistance (in case you needed any), alternatively invoice from a hotel or public transport ticket.
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