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Business Division

Business Division is responsible for main (business) processes of the company. In line with  the company strategy, the Business Division is responsible for defining and fulfilling the company business strategy and its marketing plan.

The Division prepares and concludes the Public Service Contract with the State and regional authorities. In order to meet the requirements and conditions that are set in the Public Service Contract, it plans the volume of passenger services provided by the company as well as the train capacity and quality; it participates in the timetabling process and prepares tariffs and transport terms and conditions. 

The Business Division is also responsible for ticket sales via various distribution channels (internal and external). In order to enhance the comfort of passenger transport, the Division focuses also on development and improvement of passenger information services, on development and provision of new products and on customer services in general. The Division organizes training and workshops for the front line employees.

In addition, The Business Division is responsible for monitoring the fulfillment of transport and tariff conditions, for accounting and performance control in both domestic and international transport. It supervises the clearance of ZSSK's share in international passenger transport and manages clearance of  passenger coaches’ performance as well as clearance of  foreign railway undertakings' share.

The Business Division is further divided into:

  • Marketing Section
  • Customer Services Section

The Business Division manages a network of ZSSK's Sale Centers - main sales and information points of the company.


Business Division Director: Ing. Karol Martinček
Rožňavská 1, 832 72, Bratislava 3
Tel.: +421 2 2029 2299

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