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If you wish to find your train connection, please enter your departure (From) and destination (To) station. You may also indicate your transit station (Via). Please enter the desired time (Time) in a  HH:MM format and the date (Date) in a DD.MM.YYYY format. Please indicate, if you have entered  the time and date of departure (Departure) or arrival to your destination (Arrival)

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You only need to enter the first few letters of the station name in the “From”, “To” and “Via” fields. If the station name comprises of several words, you just need to fill in few letters of each word and separate them by a space, e.g. “wie su” = Wien Südbahnhof. If there are more stations starting with the same letters, you may choose your station after clicking on the “Search” button. 
Please use to “Search” button to display the searched connections. You may search for previous or following connections in the list using the and buttons. 
A “PURCHASE” button displayed with a train connection indicates that an online ticket is available for this train connection.   
For further information on search connection and internet sales please refer to the Help section.

Last modified: 09.12.2016
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Buy a ticket

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