To visit the country of our eastern neighbours, you can use direct berth coaches from Košice without changing directly to Kiev or the regular passenger trains from Čierna nad Tisou to Chop, with changing connection for further journey. 

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If you travel individually

You can save thanks to the special discounted tariff East-West:

  • Bratislava – Kiev 46,60 €
  • Bratislava – Lviv 34,60 €
  • Košice – Kiev 28,30 €
  • Košice – Lviv 16,30 €
  • Čierna nad Tisou – Chop 2 €

If more passengers travel together


The prices can be even more convenient due to the special offer CityStar on the return ticket. If, for example, two adults travel together, one return journey from Bratislava to Kiev will cost 66,30 € per person. If five passengers travel together, then the same journey would cost only 53,04 € per person. The CityStar offer in Ukraine can be implemented only if minimum 2 passengers travel together (at least 1 of them is adult). 

Tips for your journey

  • In Ukraine, children under 4 years of age travel for free. Children aged 4-12 pay half-price for their tickets.

From Košice, there are the direct berth coaches.

Click here to have a look at the pricelist.

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