The regular passenger trains from Žilina via Čadca to Zwardoń with the possibility of transfer to train connection to Warsaw, the EuroCity train Varsovia from Budapest via Bratislava to Warsaw and other long-distance trains with changing connection in the Czech Republic. These all are at your disposal on your journey to Poland. You can also use one of the direct berth/couchette coaches from Budapest via Bratislava to Warsaw or Krakow and during summer season also the passenger trains from Medzilaborce to Sanok and Rzeszów.

If you travel to the close border area...

We offer very low rates for the return tickets within the local border traffic in the Kysuce region.


regular return fare

half-price fare

Čadca - Zwardoń

3,2 €

1,6 €

Skalité - Zwardoń

2 €

1 €

  • the ticket can be purchased at the ZSSK ticket-desks. If you board the train in Slovakia, at the station where the ticket sale is not available (no ticket-desk, neither ticket machine), you can purchase your ticket on the train, without a surcharge,
  • the ticket cannot be purchased in Poland (neither in the border station Zwardoń). If you travel from Poland, you can purchase the ticket in advance in Slovakia, or on the train with the surcharge of 1,50 €,
  • children aged 6-15 and dogs are entitled to the half-price fare,
  • the ticket is valid for 3 days (until 12pm of the third day of validity),
  • you can return the ticket latest one day before the 1st day of its validity, with the cancellation fee of 10 % and minimum 1 €.

The operation of summer seasonal trains from Medzilaborce to Sanok or Rzeszów (please click on more information) is over now. We are looking forward to seeing you during summer 2018.

If you travel farther...

If SparDay and SparNight tickets are sold out and you want a return ticket, you may save 60 % from the basic fare for the distance travelled in Slovakia and 40% for the distance travelled in Poland (carrier PKP InterCity) and in the Czech republic (carrier ČD). 

Prices in the 2nd Class coaches, examples:

  • Bratislava – Warsaw return (viac Czech republic) 99,92 €
  • Bratislava – Katowice return (viac Czech republic) 62,24 €
  • Bratislava – Kraków return (viac Czech republic) 71,12 €
  • Children aged 4-12 pay only half-price fare for the travelled Polish section of the journey,
  • The ticket is valid for 15 days,
  • The unused ticket can be returned within the time-frame of its validity, the cancellation fee is 10 % (minimum 3 €, maximum 10 €),
  • The SparNight a SparDay tickets have different conditions. Please click on more information.

Click here to see the pricelist for the berth/couchette tickets (reservation fee) in the direct coaches to Poland.

Tips for your journey

  • children under 4 years of age travel for free on the territory of Poland and on the trains operated by PKP InterCity,
  • IC PKP InterCity trains require reservation,
  • The transportation from Zwardoń on the Polish side is operated also by the private railway carrier Koleje Śląskie, which does not accept the standard international tickets. The ticket for your further journey can be purchased in the station Zwardoń.
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Buy a ticket

Regulation (EC) No 1371/2007 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2007 on Rail Passengers' Rights and Obligations (hereinafter Regulation) entered into force on December 2009.
Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko, a.s. (ZSSK) is liable for your transportation and for transportation of your luggage and  has to respect your rights guaranteed by the Regulation.