CITYSTAR return tickets

* KVC = Komplexné vybavenie cestujúcich = Comprehensive ticket services for passengers

CityStar benefits

  • discounted prices for the return tickets to the Czech Republic, Austria, Ukraine, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania and Greece,
  • great discounts for more travellers (up to 5,5 passengers – i.e. up to 5 full tickets and one half-price ticket, while two half-price tickets are considered as one full ticket. The discount is increasing with the increasing number of the travelling passengers with the limit 5,5 passengers.  On the journeys to Austria and Balkan countries, you can save up to 40 % per person,
  • the ticket is valid for one month and is not bound to any specific train, you can choose which train you take,
  • you can also buy the ticket for the 1st Class, the half-price tickets can be used by children of the age group 4/6-12/16 (according to the country),
  • you can use the EC trains without any surcharge, you will need to purchase the reservation for the SuperCity train. On the InterCity trains, the international tickets are valid with the supplement according to the pricelist. If you travel abroad on a train that is not partially driving on the Slovak territory, please, check the usage of the CityStar ticket with any of the ZSSK ticket-desk or with our Contact Centre,
  • the CityStar prices are reflecting the zones of the travelled kilometres, it means - with this ticket you can travel not only to the bigger cities but to smaller stations as well.

Where to purchase the CityStar ticket

  • at sales points equipped with KVC system*,
  • the boarding and the destination station must be the same for both journeys (e.g., it is not possible to purchase the CityStar ticket for Bratislava - Prague on the downroute journey and Praha - Žilina for the return journey),
  • stopover during the journey is not accepted.

How to return the CityStar ticket

  • the ticket can be brought back latest on the first day of its validity with the cancellation fee of 10 % of the fare, minimum 3 €, maximum 10 € (the exception is the CityStar ticket to the Czech Republic, where it can be returned latest the day before the first day of its validity),

How much will it cost?

  • On our website, you can find examples of a few journeys and its prices. The number of options, however, is much higher. If you did not find what you were looking for, please, ask at one of our ticket-desks equipped with iKVC system, at our customer centres, or write an email / make a phone call to our Contact Centre (tel. 18 188),,

Examples of prices of the return tickets CityStar - the 2nd Class coaches, 1 passenger

Czech republic (ČD)

Bratislava – Praha return 39,30 €

Bratislava – Brno return 14,50 €

Bratislava – Olomouc return 20,90 €

Bratislava – Ostrava return 26,90 €

Bratislava – Pardubice return 29,50 €

Žilina – Praha (via Horní Lideč) return 42,20 €

Žilina - Praha (via Čadca) return 45,80 €

Košice – Praha (via Horní Lideč) return 60,50 €

Košice – Praha (via Čadca) return 63,80 €


  • Children under 6 years of age travel free of charge, children up to 16 years of age pay half-price fare,
  • The ticket can be bought latest one day prior to the first day of its validity,
  • The discount with more passengers is around 10 – 15 % per person.
  • The prices are valid until 10th December 2016

Ukraine (UZ)

Bratislava – Kiev  return (2 adults) 132,60 €

Bratislava – Lviv return (2 adults) 94,80 €


  • direct connection to both destinations are possible only in the berth coaches,
  • minimum number of passengers to be able to apply the CityStar offer is 2 passengers, one of them must be an adult,
  • children under 4 years of age travel for free, children aged 4-16 pay half-price,
  • the discount for the bigger group can be between 25-40 % per person.

Croatia (HŽ)

Bratislava – Zagreb return via Hungary 80 €

Bratislava – Rijeka return via Austria 112,40 €

Bratislava – Split return via Hungary 132,40 €

  • Children under 6 years of age travel free of charge,
  • the passengers, holders of JUNIOR RAILPLUS, KLASIK RAILPLUS,SENIOR RAILPLUS and MAXI KLASIK non-transferable card, get discount,
  • if the bigger group of passengers travel together, they can all use the benefit RAILPLUS if at least one of the is the appropriate RAILPLUS card holder (Bratislava - Zagreb via Hungary 76,10 €, Bratislava - Rijeka via Austria 104,90 €, Bratislava - Split via Hungary 120,60 €),
  • if you travel via Austria, you might find more convenient connection from Bratislava to Zagreb, the price of these connections is, however, higher,
  • the discount for the bigger group can be between 25-40% per person.

Click on Slovak version of the webpage for more detailed pricelist.

* KVC = Komplexné vybavenie cestujúcich = Comprehensive ticket services for passengers

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