Travelling to Germany? You have the choice of the direct train EuroCity from Budapest via Bratislava and Prague. You can also choose the connection with the change in Vienna or Prague.

If you travel to Berlin...


The most convenient price for the German capital city. The number of tickets for the discounted price is limited and the tickets can be purchased in the ZSSK online shop. You can travel from Bratislava to Berlin for the amazing price of just

39 €.

Route discount price to Berlin

If the BERLIN SPECIAL ticket is sold out, you still have the option to purchase the return tickets from Bratislava, Žilina and Košice to Berlin for the specific route discount price, which is markedly lower than the regular international fare. The return ticket price for the journey from Bratislava, in 2nd Class coach is 142 €. The number of these tickets is not limited and they are valid for a month, while children pay the half-price fare.

If you travel to Munich

Route discount price to Munich

Also for your journey to Munich, we have the specific route discount (return) price for you. For the journey via Austria in 2nd Class coach, you will pay 94 €.



Tips for your journey

  • Children under 6 years of age travel free of charge.
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Buy a ticket

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