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  • low fare

  • day and night trains

  • possibility to transport your car

  • comfortable pendolino trainset on the line Košice - Prague

  • online ticket sales on direct trains

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Limited EUROPA EXPRES tickets
Bratislava - Prague from 12 €

Unlimited online ticket offer
Bratislava - Prague 17,40 €

Unlimited ticket-desk offer, RAILPLUS discounts

Return CityStar ticket
Discounts for more travellers

Local border traffic tickets
online and at ticket-desks

Monthly tickets to Brno or Břeclav
for regular travellers



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Pendolino, night trains and motorail


Night trains



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Travelling to Prague by Pendolino




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Other discounts

Hotels in Prague

Prague zoo



Who is entitled to the discount

  • children up to 6 years of age travel free of charge in Slovakia and in the Czech republic, in case they do not need a seat reservation,
  • starting from 1st September 2018, there are new 75 % discounts from regular fare in the 2nd Class on the territory of Czech republic for following passengers:
    • children aged 6-18 years,
    • students aged 18-26 years,
    • seniors aged 65 years and more.
  • For more information please refer to the website of the Czech railways,
  • When purchasing an international ticket from ZSSK, these discounts are partially available with ZSSK-ČD neighbour transport tickets available at ticket-desks.

Feeling cold? Feeling too warm

Aboard the berth coaches to the Czech Republic, we guarantee the temperature between 18 - 30 °C. If the temperature is different than stated and we do not find a satisfactory replacement for you, you are entitled to receive 25 % from the berth-ticket. If your ticket was purchased in Slovakia, you can claim the reimbursement at any of ZSSK ticket-desks using a special form. The travel documents purchased in the Czech Republic will be dealt with by the Czech side. The reimbursement is behind the EC Regulation 1371/2007 on rail passenger rights, which regulates the cases where the carrier is obliged to reimburse the passenger. Please refer here for more information about possibilities of compensation within the international transport.

Integrated tickets of South Moravian region

On the line Myjava – Javorník nad Veličkou, you may use the tickets of South Moravian Integrated Public Transport Systems. Click here for more information.

Comparing prices (example Bratislava - Prague, 2nd Class)


neighbour transport ZSSK - ČD

neighbour transport ZSSK - ČD

CityStar return ticket




MAXI KLASIK non-transferable

ticket-desks, online








from 12 €

17,40 €

28,60 €

39,30 €

17,25 €

16,68 €

20,28 €

14,40 €

The prices are valid for an adult person in the 2nd Class coaches. These tickets are one-way with exception of return CityStar tickets.

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