The Adriatic and Balkan region

Seven countries with the discount on the train journey

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The CityStar offer enables you to travel comfortably and for convenient prices to Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Romania and Bulgaria. As an example, you can travel from Slovakia to Split (and back) for as little as 132,40 €, to Bulgaria (and back) for just 154 €. The average per person can drop even lower if more people travel in a group together. Click here for more information.

Discounts according to the partnership agreements 

For your journey to Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Macedonia you can also decide for another type of return ticket. Click here for the pricelist. This type of the ticket is beneficial for the young people under 26 years of age, and in case of Bulgaria you can choose if you travel via Serbia or Romania. To all countries above, we offer also the CityStar tickets. Choose the ticket that is more convenient for you.

How to plan the journey to Montenegro?

We do not offer any special discount for the journey to Montenegro. However, we suggest that you combine the CityStar ticket to the border station Prijepolje with the international return ticket from Prijepolje further to Montenegro (109,00 € + 40,32 €).

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