Fast shipment deliveries to the Czech Republic

The Interkuriér service covers shipments of small-size consignments between the Slovak republic and the Czech Republic. The consignments are shipped on the regular trains, which ensures a very accurate overview on the movement and status of your shipment as well as very accurate delivery time planning. If you are interested in the domestic shipments only, we recommend our Kurier service. 

Price 19,20 €

  • For various weights and distances,
  • The telephone notification on the arrival of the consignment is included in the price (if required).

What can we transport as the courier shipment

  • maximum weight is 10 kg,
  • minimum proportions 100 x 150 mm,
  • maximum proportions 500 x 500 x 400 mm,
  • long objects can have max 150 mm diameter, resp. 150x150 mm and the length 1000 mm,
  • one shipment can only consist of one-piece consignment with the value not exceeding 1 700 €.

You need more detailed information on what can be transported as the courier shipment? Click here.


  • to dispatch the shipment, we kindly ask you to be at the dispatch-point latest 60 minutes prior to the selected train departure,
  • The consignment must be properly packed, fastened with the appropriate cord and the address of the sender and the recipient must both be on the package

How to accept the shipment and pick it up

  • The intercourier shipment can be picked up at the delivery station 30 minutes after arrival of the delivering train,
  • To confirm the shipment acceptance by the accepting person: 
    • the person accepting the delivery needs to confirm the acceptance by presenting the identity document and legible signature,
    • the legal person accepting the delivery confirms the acceptance by presenting the identity document and by the legible signature,
  • if a person is accepting the delivery on behalf of a legal person subject, this person will have to confirm the acceptance using one of the following procedures:
    • stamp imprint and legible signature,
    • actual commercial registration status (not older than 3 months), identity document and the legible signature,
    • the written authorisation (original) authorizing the person for shipment acceptance on behalf of the legal subject, presenting the identity document and legible signature,

In case the shipment is not picked up until the midnight of the day when the delivering train arrived in the station, the carrier will inform the sender about the shipment not being picked up and will store the shipment for the following 5 days. The carrier will expend the deposited Interkurier shipment after the deposit fee is paid. The deposit fee will be assigned according to the valid pricelist.

The station in Slovakia with the Interkurier shipment availability:

Banská Bystrica



Piešťany - only on the working days


Poprad - Tatry


Spišská Nová Ves



Liptovský Mikuláš




The stations in the Czech Republic to which we are able to deliver the Interkurier shipments:

Brno hl.n.

Karlovy Vary

Praha hl.n.

Česká Třebová



České Budějovice

Olomouc hl.n.


Frýdek Místek

Ostrava hl.n.

Ústí nad Labem hl.n.

Hradec Králové hl.n.


Valašské Meziříčí


Pardubice hl.n.

Zlín střed

Jindřichův Hradec

Plzeň hl.n.

Žďár nad Sázavou

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