• customers with a return ticket for the 1st Class or for a IC train purchased online have the possibility to book a free car-parking place

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  Please click on the map to learn more 

How can you get to enjoy this special offer

  • The free parking is offered to our customers, who purchase a domestic or international return ticket online, for the 1st class (on IC trains also tickets for the 2nd Class), with minimum travelling distance of 90 km in one direction on the route,
  • this offer is available also with ticket with Single or Double berth, also in case you are using the SLOVAK EXPRES or EUROPA EXPRES discount fare or with a combination of these tickets for the journey there and back (for example for the journey to a certain destination, you can use the night train with a berth ticket Single or Double and for the return journey you can use a day train with a ticket for the 1st Class. Or vice versa),
  • the MAXI KLASIK ticket holders may use this offer if they make online purchase of a reservation for the 1st class,
  • the free car parking is available for up to 48 hours for travellers with domestic tickets and up to 72 hours for travellers with international tickets. The exact time-limit depends on departure and arrival times of the trains selected by the customer.
  • the number of parking places is limited,
  • it is not possible to use this offer when purchasing the 1st Class tickets for EC trains to Hungary or for the night train EN 476/477 Metropol (line Budapest – Prague). The reason is, that the tickets (or berth tickets) on these trains are not available online.

How to book a parking place

  • please, reserve your parking place with Contact Centre (+421 24 48 58 188),
  • ZSSK Contact Centre will send you the free parking card via email. You will need to print this out and place it behind the front windscreen of the parked car,
  • we kindly ask to send Your reservation request at least 30 minutes prior to the departure of the train from Your boarding station.
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