• with SLOVAK tickets you may travel
    without limits in Slovakia

  • new week-ticket for travellers
    without any customer card

  • SLOVAK JUNIOR is now 50 % off

  • the tickets can be used during July and August



With the card



7 days

ID document
(ID card, passport, driver's license)

39 €


31 days

(for travellers up to 26 years)

25 €


31 days

(without limitation of age)

55 €


31 days

(for travellers from 60 years)

25 €


31 days

the student's smart card or card for pupils
(for pupils and students)

25 €

Our tip

  • with SLOVAK WEEK ticket you can save already when travelling one time from Bratislava to Humenné and back,
  • if you have the customer card KLASIK RAILPLUS, then the ticket SLOVAK pays off already when travelling two times from Bratislava to Košice and back,
  • with the JUNIOR or SENIOR RAILPLUS card, the invested finances will pay off already after travelling one return and one single journey.


  • SLOVAK WEEK ticket is valid for any 7-day period between 1st July and 31st August 2017, according to your selection,
  • SLOVAK KLASIK, SLOVAK JUNIOR, SLOVAK SENIOR and SLOVAK STUDENT tickets are valid for any 31-day period between 1st July and 31st August 2017, according to your selection,
  • the network ticket SLOVAK is not transferable, it is based on certain name (or card number, please submit the card to our train personnel during the check of your travel documents).

On which trains

  • in the 2nd Class coaches of all the ZSSK trains according to following rules:
  • on train category passenger train, regional expres, regional fast train, fast train, expres, EuroNight and EuroCity trains with no extra surcharge,
  • on SuperCity Pendolino with extra fee of 1 € (includes the seat reservation),
  • on InterCity trains with the supplement (the lowest fare possible),
  • reservations, berth/couchette tickets are to be paid to full extent,
  • in the 1st Class coaches with the supplement payment.

Where can you purchase SLOVAK ticket

How to return SLOVAK ticket

  • unused ticket purchased at the ticket-desk can be returned at latest 1 day prior to the first day of validity at any ticket-desk, cancellation fee is 10 % from the price of the ticket. If the network ticket was partially used, we cannot provide reimbursement and the ticket is not accepted to be returned,
  • unused ticket purchased online can be returned latest 1 day prior to the first day of validity, with the cancellation fee of 10% from the ticket price. You can do so using the online form on the ZSSK webpage,
  • more convenient conditions of the ticket returns are available with the Credit Account.

The customer cards are advisable

  • with the customer cards KLASIK RAILPLUS, JUNIOR RAILPLUS and SENIOR RAILPLUS you can always get the discount from 25% up to 40% from the regular fare,
  • additionally, with the customer cards, you get the discounts for accommodation, entrance fees and services at ZSSK contractors/partners.
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