Single Fare in the High Tatras region

With our special customer programs KLASIK RAILPLUS, JUNIOR RAILPLUS and SENIOR RAILPLUS you save also when travelling on the High Tatras railways. The ticket Poprad -Tatranská Lomnica can be also used for the alternate route via Studený Potok.


  • you do not need to observe the travelled distance,
  • the single tickets from Poprad Tatry station via Starý Smokovec to Tatranská Lomnica are valid also on the route via Studený Potok.

Single fare on Tatra Electric railways and Cog railway




0 - 2 km

0,50 €

0,25 €

3 - 6 km

1,00 €

0,50 €

7 - 19 km

1,50 €

0,75 €

20 - 34 km

2,00 €

1,00 €

Discounted single fare is available for

  • holders of the JUNIOR RAILPLUS card, KLASIK RAILPLUS card and SENIOR RAILPLUS card
  • ŤZP, ŤZP-S card holders
  • parents travelling to visit their children in various specialized institution in SR (physically, mentally or sensuously handicapped children, children suffering from chronic illnesses, children in the institutions providing the social and legal protection and social guardianship)
  • owners transporting the dogs,
  • children of the age 6-15 (carrying a valid identity card with the name, date of birth and actual photograph (if they are not using the zero-fare benefit),
  • holders of a student card (if they are not using the zero-fare benefit)

Citizen over 70 years of age, if not using the zero-fare transportation, will pay the compact price of 0,25 € for the whole Tatra Electric Railway and Cog Railway network (maximum up to 34 km). 

The ticket is valid on the given day including the change for the closest connection train.


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Regulation (EC) No 1371/2007 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2007 on Rail Passengers' Rights and Obligations (hereinafter Regulation) entered into force on December 2009.
Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko, a.s. (ZSSK) is liable for your transportation and for transportation of your luggage and  has to respect your rights guaranteed by the Regulation.