Block train tickets in the High Tatras region

The block tickets are a convenient alternative for the travel from the train stops not equipped with the ticket desks. The block tickets can be purchased in advance and used at any time.


Block tickets options

Single block tickets

  • we offer single block tickets with the nominal value of 2 €, 1 €, 0,50 € a 0,25 €,
  • these are valid for a one-way journey, if you change the trains, you can use them also for the earliest next connection train,
  • based on the km and fare price on the ticket map, you can count the fare and stamp the relevant ticket.

Example: A passenger travels from Štrba to Nový Smokovec. He takes the cog rail train (CR) and at Štrbské Pleso changes for the tram (TER). In the ticket map he finds out that this journey is 20 km long with the fare of 2 €. The passenger stamps one ticket with the nominal value of 2€ (or two tickets with nominal value of 1 €, he can also use one 1 € ticket and two 0,50 € tickets).

Daily block tickets for the whole network

  • We offer these ticket for the price of 4 € (2 € discounted ticket according to same rules as if Seasonal Rail Pass was used),
  • the ticket is valid on the day when stamped until 00.00 hrs.

Where can you purchase the block tickets

Predaj blokových lístkov

  • at ZSSK ticket desks in the High Tatras region,
  • by the contractors (the list of contractors can be found at the bottom of this page). ZSSK contractor can be recognized by the sticker (see the sticker on the right),
  • from the train driver on the train (only the daily ticket, in the exceptional cases where there is no the possibility to buy the ticket at the stop).

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Regulation (EC) No 1371/2007 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2007 on Rail Passengers' Rights and Obligations (hereinafter Regulation) entered into force on December 2009.
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