Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko continues to offer, as the product paralell the zero-fare transportation discounted train tickets for children aged below 15, for pupils and students. The discounted fare can be used in cases when:

  • the child, pupil or student is not registered for the zero-fare transportation,
  • if they want to travel on the train where the zero-fare transportation capacity has been depleted.

Children under 6 years of age

  • Free of charge in the 2nd Class coaches (you do not need any ticket nor card)
  • In the 1st Class coaches, 2 children travel free of charge without ticket per 1 passenger with a valid ticket, each extra child will pay half-price fare,
  • On EuroCity train with no surcharge (in case the child has to pay half-price in the 1st class coach, the additional fee of 1 € is charged),
  • On SuperCity train, the surcharge is  1 € in the 2nd Class and  3 € in the 1st Class,
  • On InterCity train children under 6 years of age need a separate seat for the lowest available fare (supplement),
  • They can only travel if accompanied by person above 15 years of age.

Children aged 6 - 15 years

  • If not registered for the zero-fare transportation, we offer 50 % off the regular fare in the 1st or the 2nd Class coaches,
  • During the travel documents check on the train, we kindly ask you to provide our train personnel with an official proof of age, with the actual personal photograph, name, surname and date of birth or the personal birth-identification number,
  • They pay 1 € fee on EuroCity trains,
  • On SuperCity trains, the fee is 1 € in the 2nd Class and 3 € in the 1st Class,
  • On InterCity train children from 6 years to 15 years of age need a separate seat for the lowest available fare (supplement)

Pupils and students below 26 years of age

  • To use the zero-fare transportation or discounted transportation, it is necessary to have the BČK (contactless chip card) issued. These cards can be issued by a school in Slovakia with activated transportation section. If the school does not issue these cards, contact our ticket-desks (ZSSK) to obtain the paper registration form (click here for more information),
  • The discounted fare is 50 % off the regular fare in the 2nd Class and in the 1st Class coaches with no limitation on the residential address and school address.
  • It is also possible to purchase Student Season Tickets for Selected Routes with discount from 60 to 70 % off the regular fare in the 2nd Class. These tickets can be used on ordinary passenger trains (Os), regional expres trains (REX), regional fast trains (RR), fast trains (R), express trains (Ex), EuroCity trains (EC) and EuroNight trains (EN) without any supplement. A fee is needed for SuperCity trains and a supplement for InterCity trains.
  • Discounted fare can be used (contrary to the zero-fare transportation) also for the borderline routes (from the last station in Slovakia where the train stops up to the state border),
  • The discounted fare is available to the pupils and students up to the 26th birthday, or to the moment of completing the 2nd level of the university studies (depends on which situation sets in sooner),
  • if you are interested in more detailed information and conditions for various categories of students, foreign schools students or the transportation within the school holidays periods, please, click the zero-fare transportation link,
  • On the EuroCity trains, we provide discounted fare with 1€ surcharge, on the SuperCity train, the surcharge is 1 € in the 2nd Class and 3 € in the 1st Class,
  • On the InterCity trains, students under 26 years of age may profit from our discounts also with ISIC card issued abroad

ZSSK Tip: If you do not require a separate berth / couchette for a child up to 10 years of age, you can travel on one berth or couchette together with the child. The same is valid if 2 children under 10 years of age travel on one berth/couchette together. The third child, however, must have a separate berth/couchette. The price for the berth/couchette is counted according to the number of berths/couchettes used.

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