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  • Tatra banka - TatraPay
  • SLSP - SporoPay
  • VÚB - e Platby VÚB

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Did you know?

  • you do not need to print the travel document, you present the travel document to the train personnel on the screen of a laptop or smartphone instead (with exception of international tickets BERLIN SPECIAL Motorail Košice/Humenné/Poprad - Prague and tickets to the Czech republic in case of using berths or couchettes),
  • your ticket is valid on the selected train, but you can use it also on any next train on the same route within the time of validity (with exception of tickets for InterCity trains and zero-fare tickets for EuroCity, SuperCity, EuroNight, fast trains, regional fast trains and express trains, SLOVAK EXPRES, EUROPA EXPRES, BERLIN SPECIAL tickets and Motorail tickets),
  • registration is not obligatory, however, if you do so, you may get the benefits of the Credit Account,
  • the train personnel may ask for an identity document to verify the identity of the passenger,
  • for details about validity and reimbursment of various sorts of online tickets, please refer to Online Sales Terms and Conditions.

If you have problems with your online purchase  (e.g. you make the payment and do not receive the subsequent confirmation neither the confirmation email), please contact us asap at 18 188, for international calls: +421 24 48 58 188.  

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