Night Trains

Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko (ZSSK) is offering a comfortable and safe journey on longer distances by night trains. You can enjoy comfortable rest and arrive to your destination refreshed, in suitable time. Night trains are predominantly composed from sleeping cars equipped with berths and couchettes. Seats are available as well.

The carriages (WLABmee) depicted in the picture and in photo gallery are used mainly on night trains operating between Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Photo: Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko and Wagon Slovakia Košice.

Domestic trains

ZSSK is operating night trains between Bratislava and eastern Slovakia on following lines:

International trains

Within the territory of Slovakia, ZSSK is operating two pairs of night trains between Slovakia and the Czech Republic and one pair of night trains between Hungary and the Czech Republic.

Moreover, it is possible to use direct sleeping cars on following lines:

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Services in night trains


A price of a ticket in night train is constituted of a travel fare and a berth or couchette ticket. If you do not want to use a sleeping car, no berth or couchette ticket is needed. In such case we recommend to purchase a seat reservation (the reservation is compulsory only in international transport).

Special offers

  • we offer a special price on domestic trains (SLOVAK EXPRES ticket): Bratislava to Košice, Prešov or Humenné from 14,90 €
  • we offer a special price on trains to Czech republic (EUROPA EXPRES ticket): Košice – Prague from 19 €
  • we offer a special price on direct sleeping cars to Austria (EUROPA EXPRES WIEN ticket): Košice - Prague for 29,90 €
  • EUROPA EXPRES and SLOVAK EXPRES tickets are available in limited number
  • both tickets include a seat reservation, berth or couchette

Where to purchase tickets

  • in stations equipped with KVC system it is possible to purchase all types of berth, couchette, domestic and international tickets including SLOVAK EXPRES and EUROPA EXPRES tickets. Domestic tickets are available also in stations without KVC. For detailed information please refer here.
  • online (domestic tickets, direct trains to/from Czech republic (with originating station in Slovakia or Czech republic), SLOVAK EXPRES and EUROPA EXPRES)
  • on board a train prior to the departure, please contact the steward of the sleeping car

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Buy a ticket

Regulation (EC) No 1371/2007 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2007 on Rail Passengers' Rights and Obligations (hereinafter Regulation) entered into force on December 2009.
Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko, a.s. (ZSSK) is liable for your transportation and for transportation of your luggage and  has to respect your rights guaranteed by the Regulation.