Maintenance Division

Maintenance Division Director

Rožňavská 1,
832 72 Bratislava 3
Tel.: +421 2 2029 2771

The Maintenance Division is responsible for maintenance of ZSSK's rolling stock according to the needs and requirements of the Operation Division. The Division provides technical and sanitary maintenance of the rolling stock in order to prepare the train sets for operation. It carries out repairs, technical inspections, brake tests, takeovers and handovers of the coaches. It is also responsible for planning, monitoring, technical and technological support of maintenance and repairs.

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The Division develops technological procedures, methodologies and norms related to maintenance and repairs.

Maintenance Division is further divided into:

  • Maintenance and Repairs Section
  • Technical and Technological Section

Work of the Maintenance Division is carried out in Inspections and Repairs Centers, Depots and Coach Repairs Workshops.

Last modified: 11.03.2013
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