Economy and Information Management Division

Economy and Information Management Division Director: Dipl.-Ing. Patrik Horný
Rožňavská 1, 832 72 Bratislava 3
Tel.: +421 2 2029 7638

The main task of Economy and Information Management Division is to manage ZSSK's financial flows, and to coordinate implementation and evaluation of the business plan. It defines the basic principles of internal market, specifies the products of inter-company market and keeps accounts of the company in line with the valid legislation of the Slovak Republic for the needs of the management and management decisions.

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The division is responsible for accounting and tax documentation; it develops the accounting methodology and its set-up in the information system, keeps records of assets and movement of assets as well as liabilities, costs and revenues, penalties, cash flows, inventory, and invoicing, operates ZSSK's information and communication technologies (ICT), takes care of ZSSK' data security and of processes and activities relating to alternative distribution channels.

Economy Division is further divided into:

  • Accounting and Tax Section
  • Financial Management Section
  • Controlling Section
  • Information Technology Section
  • Digitalization and Systems Development Section

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